Boxit Boot Camp

A whole host of different people go along to these sessions, from the ultra-fit locals who run to the boot camp, do the session and then leg it home again, to people who haven’t exercised for a reeeeeally long time and are looking for a quick fix.

I was one of the latter and I can probably credit Matt and his team for inspiring to me challenge myself and throw myself back in to staying fit. A friend of mine had a wedding to get ready for and, as one of her bridesmaids, so did I. Over the course of a few months I dropped half a stone and changed my body shape. My friend and her (now) husband also had one-on-one sessions with Matt which they’d both recommend.

You’ll train outside until it gets too cold, and then sessions are held in a local sports hall. Over the course of the hour you’ll be jogging, boxing, doing burgees and climbers, doing sit ups and lunges… They’re really high energy classes that are always different, really good fun, and more effective than most gym sessions.

Another great thing about the classes is that you do get to chat to other people who are there in the breaks and, because there people might change which class they do each week, there are always fresh faces.

They run classes in Clapham and Wandsworth. Check out their website for times and prices.

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