An all over body workout to great music in a great atmosphere. Regular classes throughout the day and slightly cheaper than the counterparts. Specialised shoes come as part of the package, as do towels, locker use, and spa-like wash facilities and products… Highly recommend.

All over body workout - with strobe lights

All over body workout – with strobe lights

But I’ll start with the only negative thing I can possibly say about the place. And that relates more to its image than anything else… And frankly, it’s a problem to do with perception, and maybe just mine…

So here goes, if I’m honest, I didn’t have the confidence to do a Psycle class before I started exercising again. Everyone who is even slightly socially aware has surely had one of those, God I stand out like a sore thumb moments, whether in a shop, or at a trendy party, or at an unusually formal work event. I had one of those moments the first time I headed in to Psycle to ask about classes. I was later dragged back and forced to try out a class by a friend who had a free gym pass.

It’s not that the staff in there are impolite – it’s more the whole package that made it slightly scary. A big glass shop front which visually is quite different from the usual exercise place I’d go to in that it’s so shiny and new. It’s quite clinical and very white inside, with wooden tables for people to sit on and chill, man. Furthermore, the people who work there are all perfectly formed and stunning, nevermind spinning they should be in Hollywood – or Hollyoaks, or sat at the back of the school bus being mean to people…

I can honestly say Psycle is the best spinning class that I’ve been to in the sense that it offers an all over body workout. There is a section in the classes where you do light weights whilst cycling but you also use your arms a lot more than you would in the normal spinning class at Psycle

Making a direct comparison with the last spinning class I wrote about and remain a huge fan of, Cyclebeat, the downside of Psycle is that you don’t know how many calories you’ve burnt during your class, with Cyclebeat you get the email advising you how well you’ve done after your class. And you can see how well you’re doing in comparison to other people on a big leadership board at the front of the class throughout. Great for the competitive types.

I probably did do the right thing in doing a Psycle Class after becoming familiar with spinning through Cyclebeat, as spinning really hard and doing arm exercises would have been a bit too much for unfit me.

Cyclebeat is more about, to state the obvious, cycling. The types of people who go there are quite likely to head out on their bikes in the evening and enter professional cycling races, probably in the gear they’re wearing to class. And the teachers are all dead keen on cycling. Whereas at Psycle, you’d imagine the teachers to be part time dancers or to have some kind of dance background, and the people in classes are frankly way above the physical average. Check Psycle out on Insta, you’ll see posts from various models and generally beautiful people posing in their changing rooms. So a bit of a different crowd.

Cyclebeat is also a lot more technical, as mentioned in my post below, the technology that is available on each bike during classes means that teachers can adjust the RPM goal as things progress. At Psycle, yes the lights go out as the class starts, but the strobe lights and really awesome tunes then soon begin. I genuinely enjoy these classes. I walk out drenched in sweat but I always have a smile on my face.

The teachers, the beautiful ones, are all lovely and the classes are all really different which keeps things interesting. You can expect to see lots of hair flicking and dancing in the classes, as the teachers get carried away and customise exercise moves, making them much more fun to copy and watch.

The facilities…. They’re like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It’s like going to a spa! They have amazing soaps, shampoos, conditioners that smell wonderful and are really good makes like Elemis, you can use as many towels as you want for free, there is always room in the changing room and more than enough locker space, it is always spotless clean in there and smells fab.

Be prepared to get a high-five from whichever teacher you get . And take it – you’ll deserve it,. But if working hard with the gang makes you look like a god as well as smell like one…. I’ll definitely be back.

If you’re like me and sometimes a bit soft I would say, bite your lip and head on in, it will be worth it.

Take a look at the website, there are so many classes and deals that it’s just easier for me to send you there… introductory offer is 2 classes and a guest pass for £20 and that really is a great way to try the place out. I can’t comment on the food/drink or clothing shops inside as I haven’t tried those out.

The nearest tube station is Oxford Circus – it’s minutes away from there. Contact details are as follows:

76 Mortimer Street

Tel: 203 728 6990


Here’s the website.


It was mid-December back in… 2014, and a couple of friends and I were looking for ways to avoid the booze and, just spending money in general. We came across Cyclebeat’s introductory offer, £20 for 10 days, and we got hooked.

I’d done spinning classes before, a very long time ago, but the others hadn’t ever attempted them before. That wasn’t a problem at all. Whilst there are the ultra fit, cycling gear wearing keenos who go along to classes, the majority of people are just normal, fairly fit folk, looking for a good time.

As with most spinning classes these days, the lights go out and the music booms once the class starts, but unlike any other class I’ve been to… there’s a massive screen behind the instructor, at the front of the class, and it ranks everyone their performance by bike number, throughout the class. The ranking is based on RPMs and, when you register with Cyclebeat you create your own profile which includes your height and weight etc, this information is then used to work out how many calories you’ve burned in a class. And you get an email after the class summarising your performance. Pretty mega.

You can hire a towel and specialist shoes and also buy water. And there’s a hand towel on the bikes as you go in to mop your brow.

100% recommend giving the classes a go whatever level of fitness you are.

It’s based in bank so nice and central: check out the website.

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